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FCC Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) 为企业减负的SDoC于11月2日起正式实行 Time:2018-11-03 10:38:11    浏览数量:1307次   

Mandatory Implementation date 强制实施日期

    A transition period is provided in the rules allowing use of the former DoC or verification procedures, whichever was previously applicable for a device, until November 2, 2018.

2017年11月2日,美国联邦通信委员会(FCC)出台文件,将FCC DoC & Verification 认证程序合并成SDoC,过渡期为一年,即2018年11月2日起FCC 将使用SDoC 认证程序。



–The responsible party, who must be located in the United States (provide their name, address and telephone number or internet contact information)产品责任方必须在美国本土, 且必须要有责任方的联系信息.

–is not required to file an equipment authorization application with the Commission or a TCB.


–Equipment authorized under the SDoC procedure is not listed in a Commission database.


–The responsible party or any other party marketing the equipment must provide a test report and other information demonstrating compliance with the rules upon request by the Commission.


–The responsible party has the option to use the certification procedure in place of the SDoC procedure.

产品责任方可以选择使用Certification 认证代替SDoC认证.

–Equipment approved using SDoC is required to be tested, however, it is not necessary to use an FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratory. SDoC认证并不一定要在FCC公认的实验室里进行测试.

Product’s Labeling 产品标签

–Devices subject to SDoC are required to be uniquely identified by the responsible party prior to importing the equipment to or marketing it in the United States.

SDoC认证的产品在向美国进口或销售前, 必须要有责任方的唯一标识

–Devices subject to authorization under SDoC can be labeled with the following FCC logo on a voluntary basis.

SDoC认证的产品, Label是否要使用FCC Logo是自愿的.

Applicable Product 适用的产品

FCC Part15B-unintentional radiators针对适用于FCC Part15的非意图辐射产品,认证方式修改如下:

PART 18—Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment针对适用于FCC Part18的意图辐射产品,认证方式修改如下:

    Consumer ISM equipment, unless otherwise specified, must be authorized under either the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity or the certification procedure prior to use or marketing


Compliance Information 符合信息

–产品信息Identification of the product, e.g., Trade name and model number;

–产品责任方的信息The identification, by name, address, and telephone number, or internet contact information, of the responsible party. The responsible party must be located within the United States

–符合法规的信息A statement that the product complies with the rules, e.g., FCC part15.19(a)(3)

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